Ballistic Off-Body Bag (B.O.B.B.)

The Ballistic Off-Body Bag, aka B.O.B.B., is a Progressive F.O.R.C.E. Concepts proprietary design, unmatched for practical off-body weapons carry. This 100% American-made product begins with a low profile (non-tactical) cross-body shoulder bag that houses a custom vacuum formed holster, ID panel, gear storage compartments, and most importantly, 7" x 18” of level IIIA body armor, made with UHMWPE fabrics and enhanced engineering, across the user’s chest and pelvis. Deployment from the carry system is rapid, positive and intuitive with presentation times equivalent to traditional belt carry.  In certain environments like hot weather, the gym, when wearing clothes without belt loops, where cover garments are impractical, or the need to carry additional equipment is a must, the BOBB is unrivaled. Its performance when seated and even belted into a motor vehicle solves all belt-mounted problems. And for those who must be discreet, “printing” is a thing of the past.

B.O.B.B. systems are available in four non-tactical colors; black, forest green, grey and navy blue with interior holsters that are custom ordered for your specified handgun. Taking B.O.B.B. use to an even higher level are the tactics, techniques, and procedures taught through PFC’s “B.O.B.B. Defense” curriculum and training class (offered at a discount to B.O.B.B. owners).  Never before have discreet concealment, secure carry, fast weapon access, and ballistic protection been combined into one user-friendly package. The B.O.B.B. is a game changer and a must-have option for any serious concealed weapon carrier.

When purchasing the complete BOBB (with custom holster) your order will arrive already assembled with the bag, armor and holster.  If ordering without holster, your BOBB will come assembled with ballistic panels only.

Take a look at the B.O.B.B. Med Kit. This is a well thought out and purposefully built medical kit specifically designed just for the B.O.B.B.  



*** Failure To Follow May Result In A Delay Processing Your Order ***

After adding the B.O.B.B. to your cart, in the NOTE TO BONE FROG block, please indicate the specific information about your handgun in order to provide you with a properly made holster. 

Please describe the following: right/left handed, handgun make, model, size, caliber, and precisely what weapon-mounted light attachments you may have (if any).  
For example: Right, Glock, 23, Compact, .40 cal, Surefire X-300U.

Please note holsters can accommodate the following light brands only: 
Crimson Trace Railmaster pro (CMR 204, CMR 205) 

**Additional holster fees may be added depending on specs. We will notify you upon confirmation of your order if there are additional charges.

NOTE:  Exotic firearms and accessory combinations may increase delivery time.

 ***DISCLAIMER: BFGC and/or PFC will NOT provide support for installation of after-market holsters nor do they guarantee proper function of the B.O.B.B. when ordered WITHOUT a custom HTC holster. We strongly recommend the use of an HTC holster, with closed/Footman loops, to secure your holster into the B.O.B.B. for proper function and safety.