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12GA CTS Super-Sock Bean Bag Marking Direct Impact Munitions (2581)

12GA CTS Super-Sock Bean Bag Marking Direct Impact Munitions (2581)

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12GA CTS Super-Sock Bean Bag Marking Direct Impact Munitions (2581)

Quantity - 5 rounds.
Manufacturer - CTS
Type -Projectile Material Shot filled Ballistic Fiber Reinforced flexible sock
*Per manufacturer requirements, this product is available for purchase by LE and Qualified Customers Only.

CTS manufactures a wide range of single and multiple projectile munitions with payload capabilities exceeding those of any other less-lethal manufacturer.  CTS offers 12GA Impact Munitions in single and multiple projectile configurations and varying degrees of energy.

A revolutionary beanbag cartridge. The Model 2581 Super-Sock is delivers unprecedented accuracy and consistent terminal impact characteristics at close-in and extended ranges, thanks to the flexible tubular material bag specially developed for this unique less than lethal round.  Super-Sock is a safer and more effective round due to its accuracy and consistent transfer of kinetic energy to the target. Unlike traditional flat bags, no “unfolding” is necessary.  Super-Sock is correctly deployed as soon as it exits the muzzle. No Frisbee or wind surfing effects. No hitting the target folded or sideways. When deployed, super-sock presents a consistent aerodynamic shape every time, delivering consistent and predictable terminal performance. Fits cylinder and improved cylinder 12 gauge shotguns chambered for 2.75″ & 3″ cartridges. 12 gauge patented Super-Sock® is first in its class providing the point control accuracy and consistent energy to momentarily incapacitate violent non-compliant subjects.

  • Cotton Kevlar woven bag filled with 40 grams #9 shot, intended to be a direct fire impact munition.
  • Green marking powder
  • The same aerodynamic shape every time, as soon it exits the muzzle
  • Consistent terminal impact characteristics at close-in and extended ranges
  • Safer and more effective due to superior accuracy and consistent energy transfer
  • No hitting the target folded or sideways
  • No Frisbee or wind surfing effects
  • Potent 40 gm sock projectile provides effective stopping power with relative safety
  • Fits most 12ga shotguns chambered for 2.75″ & 3″ cartridges
  • Triple Plus® wad system provides better shot alignment
  • Granulated plastic buffer keeps pellets uniform in shape
  • Tight downrange patterns


WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and reproductive harm. For more information go to

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